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Life Insurance

LifeInsuranceWhile we do our best to protect ourselves and loved ones, life is unpredictable. This is one reason life insurance is part of a sound financial plan. Perhaps you are interested in creating a legacy for your children or grandchildren. Maybe you have a philanthropic cause. Life insurance may provide the solution.

At Complete Analysis, Inc. we work with our clients to determine the most appropriate type and amount of insurance. Life insurance is not “one size fits all,” therefore, we take time to explain the variables including types of policies, and the application process. We want our clients to be as educated as possible.

View the “Life Insurance Buyers Guide” from the NAIC.

What type of life insurance best suits your goals? Consider:

Term Life

What is permanent insurance? Consider:

Whole Life

Flexible Premium Universal Life (UL)

Fixed Premium Universal Life

Because Nathan Rosenberg, the principal of Complete Analysis, Inc., is an independent agent licensed with many companies, clients will have a greater selection of options to choose from. At Complete Analysis, we are able to offer a wide range of fixed insurance products, including term life, whole life, and universal life insurance options.

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